Like a motor vehicle crash, an accident involving a watercraft may leave someone feeling lost and confused as to how to proceed. A severe injury could leave someone unable to work, facing medical bills, experiencing psychological after-effects from the accident, or any number of other consequences.

If you were involved in a boating accident and want to know what options you have for covering medical expenses, receiving compensation for lost earnings, and coping with the consequences of the experience, you have good reason to consult with an attorney. Reach out to a Sandusky boat accident lawyer to see if you might be able to gain control over your situation.

Placing a Lien on a Watercraft

According to the laws in Ohio Revised Code §4585.01-4585.34, when a boat harms someone in a waterway that is within, or borders, Ohio, the victim may place a lien on the boat before filing a complaint in a county court or a court of common pleas. The complaint may be made against the owner of the boat, the operator of the boat, or the vehicle itself to recover damages. A lien allows a sheriff to seize the vessel as a security deposit for a debt, and it may be discharged if the owner of the boat produces an appropriate bond.

If the plaintiff’s claim for damages results in a judgment on their behalf, the court may order that the vessel be sold at a public auction. Someone in Sandusky who would like further information about placing a lien on a watercraft, or any other legal options potentially at their disposal after a boating accident, could receive helpful answers from a qualified boat accident lawyer.

Filing a Potential Boat Accident Claim

The type of civil action someone may bring after a boat accident depends on the injuries sustained. For example, if someone has died as a result of the accident, a wrongful death claim on behalf of the deceased may be justified. For bodily injury or property damage, a negligence claim may be filed, with the statute of limitations extending for two years from the day of the accident. After that point, with certain exceptions, a lawsuit may no longer be filed. Ordinarily, to prove negligence the plaintiff must show that the defendant owed a duty of care, they breached that duty in some way, the breach caused the harm sustained by the plaintiff, and the harm led to damages that the plaintiff could seek to recover.

However, any violation of O.R.C. §1547.02 through 1547.36 (involving actions related to watercraft) that results in damage to property or physical injury to a person is considered evidence of negligence. Someone involved in such an incident could learn more about how to collect damages by getting in touch with a Sandusky boat accident attorney.

Pursue Immediate Relief by Speaking with an Informed Lawyer

If you have been left injured, out of work, or otherwise harmed after experiencing a boat accident, you do not need to wait indefinitely for relief. You can start addressing your needs immediately by getting in touch with a lawyer in Sandusky who has experience in cases like yours.

Consult with a Sandusky boat accident lawyer to find out what kind of damages you could recover and address your needs without delay. Take steps now to get the help you need. Our team at Tittle & Perlmuter is standing by for your call.

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