Elyria Truck Accident Lawyer

Truck accidents may inflict catastrophic harm on anyone involved. Whether the collision is due to a truck driver’s carelessness, poor truck maintenance, or a defective vehicle part, there may be various parties who could be held legally responsible when motorists suffer injuries in a serious crash. If you were involved in this type of wreck, an Elyria truck accident lawyer could help determine whether you may have a viable case.

The caring personal injury attorneys at Tittle & Perlmuter are well-acquainted with the laws and regulations governing truck accidents and could help you pursue just compensation for your losses. When someone else’s negligence is responsible for your injuries, you could be entitled to compensation for your hospital bills, medical expenses, lost income, and more.

Who May Be At Fault in a Truck Wreck Case?

There are many reasons why a truck collision may occur. Typically, the truck driver plays some role in the cause of these accidents. Some instances that may place blame on the trucker include, driving while distracted or under the influence, speeding, failing to follow traffic laws, or driver fatigue. Additionally, a claimant may able to hold the trucking company liable for their employee’s negligence, depending on the specifics of a case.

However, other parties may be at fault as well. For instance, if an accident occurred because a truck was poorly loaded or overloaded, the cargo company may be liable. Additionally, a part manufacturer or maintenance provider may be responsible if a wreck occurred because of faulty breaks. A truck wreck attorney in Elyria could help a claimant determine where the legal blame lies for their injuries.

Potential Truck Wreck Injuries

Due to the substantial difference in size between 18-wheelers and standard passenger cars, drivers may become severely injured in the event of a collision between these two vehicles. Common semi-truck accident injuries may include spinal cord damage, paralysis, amputations, internal bleeding, serious fractures, and burns. Injuries such as broken bones, back injuries, brain trauma, damage to internal organs, and contusions also are common in these types of crashes.

Deadline to File a Semi-Truck Accident Claim in Elyria

Every state requires that claimants file their personal injury lawsuits within a specific period of time. According to Ohio Revised Code §2305.10, truck wreck claimants are provided two years from the date of their accident to seek civil damages. Any claimant who does not file their case by the statutory deadline may lose the opportunity to seek compensation. An Elyria attorney could help a claimant file their truck crash suit on time.

Consult with an Elyria Truck Accident Attorney Today

You may be eligible to seek compensation if you sustained injuries in a truck collision and another party’s negligence is to blame. Our Elyria truck accident lawyers could evaluate your case and determine its value. Additionally, our team of dedicated attorneys could provide helpful counsel throughout the claims process. Set up an initial case consultation today to discuss your semi-truck crash with a skilled attorney.

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