Any severe injury to the head, back, or neck could lead to paralysis. Paralysis is a condition that results in the loss of motor control or sensation in a certain part of the body. This condition could be temporary but is often permanent.

Paralysis can substantially reduce your ability to meet your own needs. From maintaining employment to taking care of day-to-day tasks, the inability to feel or use a body part can be extremely limiting.

If you suffer from paralysis received through no fault of your own, you could benefit from a consultation with a compassionate catastrophic injury attorney. Pursuing a civil claim can be difficult under these circumstances, but an Elyria paralysis injury lawyer could ensure you get the most out of your claim.

Types of Paralysis

Whether paralysis occurs as the result of an injury or a medical condition, it will fall into one of four categories. The four types of paralysis are distinguished by the part of the body they affect. An Elyria attorney could advise their client on how their type of paralysis could impact their claim.


One of more uncommon forms of paralysis is known as monoplegia. This type is unique in that it only affects a single body part. Typically, that means a leg or an arm. While monoplegia usually occurs as the result of a genetic condition, a damaged or pinched nerve could also be to blame.


Hemiplegia is also rare. This form of paralysis impacts the arm and leg on one side of the body. Much like monoplegia, it usually occurs as the result of a condition like cerebral palsy or nerve damage.


Paraplegia is a far more common type and often occurs due to an injury to the head, neck, or back. Paraplegia is the loss of motor control or sensation from the waist down.


Quadriplegia is the most devastating form of paralysis and impacts the entire body from the neck down. It can occur after an injury to the head or neck.

All of these paralysis types have the potential to require extensive medical treatment and therapy. An Elyria resident living with a paralysis injury could pursue legal action against the at-fault party with the help of an attorney.

The Deadline to File Suit for Paralyzing Accidents

There is a time limit to file a lawsuit in Elyria known as the statute of limitations. The failure to comply with this time limit can have serious consequences for a paralysis injury claim, given that it could lead to the dismissal of a claim entirely. This can occur even if the plaintiff’s underlying case is strong.

A plaintiff must file their case within two years of the injury. Adhering to the deadline could be challenging with other economic and medical factors to consider, but an Elyria paralysis injury attorney could ensure the plaintiff files on time.

Work with an Elyria Paralysis Injury Attorney

Dealing with the fallout of a paralysis injury can take significant financial resources. The cost of medical treatment can be extensive, and the need for physical therapy could last a lifetime.

If you believe you are entitled to compensation for your paralysis injury, Tittle & Perlmuter can help. It is crucial that you speak to an Elyria paralysis injury lawyer right away, so schedule your case evaluation as soon as possible.

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