Our team at Tittle & Perlmuter is excited to offer our Young Leaders Nomination! Through this nomination we ask people in the community to nominate a teen who has exhibited strong leadership skills in our community.

If you would like to nominate a young leader who has positively impacted the lives of others in the community, please keep an eye out for our 2023 nomination.

We would like to congratulate all of these past winners of the Tittle & Perlmuter Young Leaders Nomination!


2023 Winners:

Mallory Mackay
Mallory Mackay was awarded a grant by the USA Swimming Foundation to offer Free Swim Lessons to underserved communities. She helped teach these lessons at the Brooklyn Recreation Center on Saturdays starting in 2021 until now. Mallory recently represented Avon High School as a Senior at the OHSAA State Championships Swim Meet and she has committed to continue her academics and athletics at Old Dominion University.
Darion Harmon
Darion has been a consistent leader to underclassmen this year. Throughout the summer, he helped incoming 9th graders acclimate to the school community. Now, during the school year, he continues to mentor different 9th-grade male students. He encourages them to keep up their grades, helps them work through various social issues, and continues to guide and support them in whatever ways they need. He does all of this while maintaining solid grades, working 30+ hours outside of school, and continuing to hold leadership positions in Student Council, Ambassadors, and other school groups.
Owen Hobbs
Owen is an Eagle Scout and conducted his Eagle project for his former grade school in Avon Ohio. He built and provided seating for a brand-new outdoor classroom and the area has been widely used for students between the ages of preschool to eighth grade. In addition to his community involvement with the Boy Scouts of America, Owen was one of 40 students in his class out of 350 classmates to be inducted into the National Honors Society. Through this organization, Owen has worked with the Big Brother Program, where he mentors 17 freshman students and assists them in adapting to and ultimately succeeding in their social lives, academic development, and commitment to community values. He was a counselor for the Arrupe Summer Program and counseled a group of 11 3rd-7th graders throughout the summer months.

2022 Winner: Kelly Coleman

Kelly is an employee at Ohio City Pizzeria, the social enterprise of West Side Catholic Center.  Throughout his junior year of high school Kelly has grown into a leader by patiently and kindly assisting his new colleagues while also growing in his own confidence. As many clients rotate through the kitchen, Kelly is a staple. He treats everyone with dignity and respect and works hard doing the same job right alongside people two or three times his age. Kelly is tested many times each shift and he always rises to the occasion by gently correcting a mistake, teaching the clients the correct way to do a job, or suggesting new tasks to complete when the pizza line is slow. Kelly may be the youngest in the kitchen, but he doesn’t let that stop him.

“I am a senior at Saint Ignatius High School, where I lead the school paper and am a member of the National Honor Society. I am a proud member of the Saint Ignatius Marching/Symphonic band as a Trumpet/French Horn player, and I compete for the nationally recognized Saint Ignatius Speech & Debate team. I also work at Ohio City Pizzeria, a local non-profit dedicated to helping the community through its unique partnership with the West Side Catholic Center.

I am extremely grateful for this opportunity! I am honored, both that Tittle & Perlmuter chose me and that some chose to nominate me in the first place. Thank you to everyone who continues to support me in all that I do!”

2021 Winner: Matthew Perek

Over the past year, Mathew has helped distribute masks before each school day and
helps pick up and drop off our masks to organizations in need. He even created a fundraiser for
his high school so students and parents could donate masks to the Giving Trees to help those in
need. He does this all while maintaining his part-time job. Matthew is truly an asset to our
communities and Cuyahoga County is lucky to have him as a young leader.

2021 Winner: Sam Richardson

Sam spent his summer volunteering with the West Side Catholic Center.  As a high school student with plenty of job opportunities available, Sam decided to dedicate his summer to volunteering full-time rather than making a paycheck. He is hard-working, selfless, kind, and humble.

2020 Winner: Dianna Walker

Dianna L. Walker enjoys being artistic. She frequently shares her heart on canvas, through sketches and mixed media pieces such as photography. Recently, Dianna and her siblings joined in writing a children’s affirmation book series titled ‘The Real Me’, in order to step out and help continually support the community.

Much like her baking business, Layers On Layers’, she also helps the community through Community Sweets Share (CSS), her very own community outreach program. Through CSS, treats are given to the community to bring sweet smiles during such dark times! She recently researched, wrote, and submitted her first grant and has been awarded funding to do this great work.

Dianna is a Jr. Farmer that has lent her voice and likeness to a recent PSA bringing awareness to help spread awareness of the importance of wearing a mask. She has also participated and medaled in an Annual Black History Speech Competition both held by Hasani Management.

This past summer, she was accepted to the University Hospitals Health Scholars 2020 Program after writing extensive application essays with multiple reference letters. She is currently a 13-year-old freshman at Lutheran West High School and a sibling of 8 children. These recent accomplishments and her daily life continue to show her legacy of family love, great sweets, and divine art.

Check out Dianna’s reaction to being named our 2020 Young Leader Winner!

2020 Winner: Keymanie West

Keymanie WestKeymanie West is a 16 year old born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. She is a recent high school graduate finishing as a certified phlebotomist, and plans on returning to school in March to become a certified manicurist.

Here is what Keymanie had to say about being a 2020 Young Leader Winner:

“Upon hearing that I won the contest I was completely in shock, especially since I didn’t know that I had been nominated. I’m just happy my name is getting out into the world. I would like to thank everyone for this opportunity.”

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