Every worker deserves to receive compensation for their time and labor. For almost one hundred years, the federal government has mandated that employees receive a minimum level of pay. Over time, state governments, including Ohio’s, have expanded minimum wage protections.

Unfortunately, many employers do not comply with these laws. Through incompetence or malice, employers may fail to pay their workers at the rate mandated by state and federal laws. Minimum wage violations give employees the right to file a complaint with the state or to pursue private lawsuits with the help of an experienced attorney.

At Tittle & Perlmuter, our wage and hour attorneys are ready to help employees stand up for their rights. A Sandusky minimum wage violation lawyer can help investigate these cases and taking the necessary legal steps to demand fair payment.

State and Federal Laws Define the Minimum Wage in Sandusky

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) of 1938 states that all employers must pay all hourly workers no less than the minimum wage. States are bound by the minimum federal standards, but are free to expand upon the FLSA’s protections.

Together, Article II § 34a of the Ohio Constitution and Section 4111.02 of the Ohio Revised Code set the state minimum wage and require that most hourly workers receive a rate of pay no less than that specified by Section 34a. Article II § 34a initially set the state minimum wage at $6.85 per hour, to be adjusted for inflation every year. As of 2020, the minimum wage is $8.55 and will increase to $8.80 per hour in 2021.

Workers Protected under Minimum Wage Laws in Sandusky

Although these laws guarantee a minimum wage for many employees in Sandusky, there are several exceptions. This means that the following people are exempt:

  • Salaried workers that meet statutory exemptions
  • Those who earn tips and commissions
  • Agricultural workers

Small businesses that earn less than $319,000 in a year can also circumvent the state’s minimum wage requirements. A local attorney at our firm can work with employees to determine their protections under the law and evaluate whether a minimum wage violation has occurred.

Legal Remedies after a Minimum Wage Violation

A failure to follow state and federal labor laws by failing to pay minimum wage subjects employers to liability, regardless of whether they acted out of ignorance or malice. Employers may be subject to a state investigation or private lawsuits for violating minimum wage laws.

The state has the power to investigate all allegations of minimum wage violations. The Director of Commerce can gather evidence, talk to witnesses, and interpret the law to hold workplaces accountable. In some situations, these investigations may result in compensation for affected employees.

A more proactive approach may be to directly sue the employer with the help of a lawyer who focuses minimum wage violations. These lawsuits allege that a violation has resulted in direct economic harm, and a successful case could secure back pay, attorneys’ fees, and court costs for the plaintiff.

Call a Sandusky Minimum Wage Violation Lawyer to Protect Your Rights

Many workplaces will go to great lengths to save money. Unfortunately, this may include illegal practices, such as not providing minimum wage to employees.

If your rights were violated by your employer, a Sandusky minimum wage violation lawyer could help you pursue a lawsuit and recover the pay that you rightfully earned. Contact the law office of Tittle & Perlmuter today to learn how we could help hold workplaces accountable for their actions.

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