One of the most common types of auto accidents is a rear-ending. These collisions occur when the front of one vehicle strikes the back of another. Although these crashes are often viewed as minor incidents, a rear-end collision could have devastating consequences.

If you sustained serious injuries in a back-end crash, speak with a dedicated lawyer at Tittle & Perlmuter to discuss your legal options. Our team is experienced in helping victims of rear-end car accidents in Sandusky recover compensation for their losses.

Common Causes of Rear-Endings in Sandusky

Many factors could contribute to a back-end crash, but most of these accidents involve a failure by the rear driver to carefully monitor the traffic in front of them. State law requires drivers to maintain a safe following distance from the car in front of them. This buffer zone between vehicles is vital, as it provides the rear driver with enough time to avoid a rear-end collision if the front driver slows or stops suddenly.

Some rear-end accidents occur because one driver followed the other too closely. Other rear-end crashes are caused by driver distraction, as an inattentive motorist is less able to react in time to avoid a crash. Common distractions on the road include texting while driving, talking with a passenger, and even daydreaming.

Drunk driving also causes many rear-end collisions in Sandusky. An intoxicated driver poses a danger to others on the road because of his or her delayed reaction time. Drivers under the influence of alcohol or drugs may be unable to react fast enough to avoid a rear-end crash when the motorist in front of them rapidly decelerates or stops.

Could the Front Driver be Responsible for a Rear-Ending?

Most of the time, the rear driver is responsible for these accidents. However, there are limited circumstances when the driver in the front car could be entirely responsible for a crash. For example, a front driver could negligently reverse into the vehicle behind them. The motorist in front could also be found liable for a rear-ending if they exhibited aggressive driving by cutting off another driver and then coming to a rapid stop.

Shared Responsibility for a Rear-End Crash

In some cases, both drivers involved in a rear-ending could be partially responsible for the collision. These scenarios involve a legal standard known as contributory fault.

In Sandusky, a plaintiff can pursue compensation for a rear-end collision even if they are partially to blame for causing the accident, so long as their percentage of fault is less than that of all the other defendants in their claim. However, it is important to note that partial fault will reduce the amount of available compensation that an injured victim can recover. As such, it is important for rear-end accident victims to retain a dedicated attorney to contest any allegations of contributory fault.

Reach Out to a Lawyer for Rear-End Car Accidents in Sandusky

It can be difficult to know how to proceed after a rear-end collision, especially while recovering from serious injuries. Let an attorney at Tittle & Perlmuter handle the legal side of things so that you can focus on your healing. Our lawyers have vast experience with cases involving rear-end car accidents in Sandusky and can use that knowledge to tirelessly pursue compensation on your behalf. Contact us to schedule a consultation with our legal team today.

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