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Need an experienced lawyer or lead counsel to co-counsel a medical malpractice case, wrongful death, serious injury, or wage and hour class action case? Or perhaps a potential client found your law firm’s name and contact information online through a Google search, but your firm doesn’t take on their particular type of case. Tittle & Perlmuter can help.
Our Cleveland personal injury lawyers have co-counseled cases their entire careers. We welcome the opportunity to work with other lawyers.

Our Co-Counsel Promise

If you choose our Ohio personal injury lawyers to co-counsel your catastrophic injury, wrongful death, medical malpractice, or wage and hour claim, you can count on the following:
Co-Counsel Guidelines in Cleveland | What is co-counsel?

  • You will receive a co-counsel fee, if applicable, up to 33%;
  • Your client will receive close, personal contact with a lawyer in our office;
  • We will keep you in the loop regarding the status of the case;
  • Our office will reimburse your case expenses if we are successful; and
  • You can trust us to prosecute the case to the best of our ability.

Co-Counsel Guidelines

In addition to the above promises, we will also make sure our relationship is up to par with Ohio’s ethical rules. Most times in a co-counsel agreement, lawyers from different law firms will divide fees. However, there are guidelines to correctly divide these fees and keep the client informed of where payment for the legal fees is going.
According to the Ohio Rules of Professional Conduct, lawyers not in the same firm can split fees only if all of the following guidelines are met:

  • Fees divided in proportion to the amount of services each lawyer performs for the client, or each lawyer representing the client assumes joint responsibility and is available for consultation for the client.
  • The client represented by multiple lawyers gives written consent, after knowing each lawyer’s identity, how the fees will be split, and that the fees will be in proportion to the services each lawyer provides.
  • Unless the court approves the fee, the client and all lawyers representing the client sign the closing statement involving a contingent fee.
  • The fee must be reasonable.


The most important aspect of co-counseling on a case is to keep a consistent form of open communication. Our Ohio personal injury lawyers will make sure that you are provided regular updates on the case. Not only does this include the status of the case, but we will keep you updated with our opinion of the strengths and weaknesses of each case. In other words, we will explain to you and your client how the law, evidence and other factors could affect their monetary compensation for their case.

Co-Counsel with Tittle & Perlmuter

Do you get calls pertaining to Ohio medical malpractice, catastrophic injury, car accidents, and wage and hour claims but need an experienced co-counsel to assist? Our firm is always open to taking on co-counsel agreements to help clients receive the compensation they deserve.
Call us today at 216-308-1522 to discuss co-counseling a personal injury or wage and hour violation case.

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