A recent News Channel 5 “On Your Side Investigation” discovered that nurse’s working conditions are putting hospital patients at risk.

Nursing is currently one of the most in-demand professions in the country. The job is a demanding one, both mentally and physically. A nurse’s job is vital to the success of a hospital in treating and caring for patients. Nurses also have a lot of responsibility for patient safety. They are on the front line treating patients and it is their job to make sure they give the best possible care.

For Nurses, Overtime Means Overworked

nursing fatigue and illness

Not surprisingly, being a nurse can be tiring. The “On Your Side Investigation” revealed that hospitals are requiring mandatory overtime of their nurses, resulting in atigue and exhaustion. The investigation found that some nurses even feel that they have to go to work when they are very ill because they are afraid they will be disciplined by the hospital.

The investigation revealed that 18 states have regulations outlawing mandatory overtime for nurses for safety reasons – but not Ohio. In Ohio, nurses typically work three, 12-hour shifts, but they are routinely called back in or asked to stay late.

Ohio Patients Are at Risk

Longer shifts mean greater fatigue. That means Ohioans are at a greater risk when in the care of nurses at Ohio hospitals. When nurses are overworked and ill on the job, the result is an increase in mistakes and injury to patients. The hospitals are aware of this trend. As far back as 2011, the Joint Commission on Hospital Accreditation warned of “the link between fatigue and adverse events” and released research that showed that medical mistakes are “as much as three times higher when nurses work longer than 12 1/2 hour shifts.”

To view the full article and all the details of the investigation, visit news5cleveland.com.

Ohio hospitals seem to be overworking their nursing staff and ignoring patient safety data that is readily available to them. Patient safety should always come first, and when it doesn’t, issues of medical negligence and malpractice can arise. If you or a loved one was the victim of medical negligence at the hands of a nurse or any other medical professional, please contact us. We understand that medical injuries are never easy to cope with and offer weekend, evening, and hospital appointments for your convenience. Tittle & Perlmuter is here for you and your family! For more information about Tittle & Perlmuter, please visit our website.

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