Each worker deserves a fair wage for hours that he or she spends on the job, and several federal and state regulations exist to help ensure that happens. Unfortunately, far too many companies mistreat their workers and deprive them of the income they are legally owed.

Wage theft is the most substantial form of theft in the U.S. in terms of total financial impact. If you have fallen victim to it yourself, you could potentially pursue legal action with help from a dedicated attorney. By retaining a Lakewood wage and hour lawyer with experience handling situations like yours, you can more effectively enforce your rights and demand the wages you rightfully deserve based on the work you have performed.

Wage and Hour Laws for Lakewood Workers

The Ohio Wage Act sets the minimum hourly wage at $8.80 for non-tipped workers and $4.40 for tipped workers. This represents a slight increase over the current federal minimum wages, which are $7.25 per hour and $2.13 per hour respectively for non-tipped workers and workers receiving at least $30 in tips per month.

Fair Labor Standards Act

The Fair Labor Standards Act passed at the federal level requires all employers in the U.S. to pay “time and a half” for any time over 40 hours that an employee works in a single week. While most salaried and professional workers are not eligible for overtime pay, there are exceptions to that rule under specific circumstances that a wage and hour attorney in Lakewood can discuss in further detail.

Work Permits for Lakewood Minors

State law requires work permits for every minor 14 through 17 years of age. There are also certain professions that minors are not allowed to hold under any circumstances.

Addressing Wage Theft in Lakewood

Those who believe his or her employee has failed to pay him or her appropriately based on state or federal minimum wage or overtime laws may file a complaint with the Bureau of Wage & Hour Administration. Importantly, state law expressly prohibits employers from terminating current employees as a direct consequence of filing this kind of complaint, so anyone who loses his or her job after enforcing this right may have grounds for a lawsuit. Various circumstances may give rise to wage and hour litigation, including:

  • Mandatory off-the-clock work
  • Misclassification of an employee as an independent contractor
  • Unlawful wage deductions for work equipment and/or uniforms
  • Misreporting and/or unlawfully rounding hours worked
  • Not paying for compensable travel time

A knowledgeable lawyer in Lakewood can be a crucial ally for any worker seeking to resolve a wage and hour issue along these lines.

Seek Help from a Lakewood Wage and Hour Attorney

Addressing violations of wage and hour laws through legal action can be intimidating, especially if you are unfamiliar with the rights you have under both federal and state law. Fortunately, help is available from seasoned legal counsel who can explain your options and work diligently to protect your best interests at every stage of necessary proceedings.

If you are not being paid what you are legally owed, reach out to a Lakewood wage and hour lawyer as soon as possible. A Tittle & Perlmuter team member is available today to speak with you during a confidential consultation.

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