Side impact car accidents can devastate every part of your life. They can result in severe physical injuries that require immediate emergency care and long-term rehabilitation. At the same time, they may also force you to make significant changes in your day-to-day life and even jeopardize your ability to earn a living.

Whenever another driver is responsible for an incident that results in these losses, the law obligates them to provide fair compensation. Obtaining this compensation requires you to prove fault for a wreck and provide an accurate measurement of your losses. Allowing an auto crash attorney to handle your case after a side-impact car accident in Lakewood lets you focus on making your best recovery while assuring your legal rights are in good hands.

Possible Consequences of Side-Impact Vehicle Collisions

A side-impact crash describes any incident where a driver sustains a blow to the side of his or her vehicle. This could result from a T-bone where vehicles collide in an intersection or sideswipe while traveling on a highway. Wrecks that make contact with the side of a car can have a tremendous impact on a person’s legs, arms, and neck. This often results in broken bones, separated joints, and spinal cord injuries.

These physical injuries form the core of any demand for compensation. They may necessitate bills related to an ambulance ride, ER care, hospitalization, surgery, and lengthy rehabilitation. At-fault drivers must provide payments to cover the full costs of this care.

In addition, these events may also impact a person’s life in other ways. They may force a person to miss time on the job while making a recovery or even cause a permanent disability. An individual may have the opportunity to demand compensation for all lost income. Furthermore, these crashes can devastate a victim’s quality of life through the infliction of pain or emotional distress. A lawyer in Lakewood works to make it clear how a side-impact vehicle collision resulted in an individual’s losses.

When is a Side-Impact Car Crash Another Person’s Fault?

Obtaining the compensation necessary to set things right is only possible when a victim can show that another’s driving was the source of a wreck. A Tittle & Perlmuter lawyer could accomplish this in one of two ways.

Showing Fault through a Violation of the Law

The most direct way to show fault for a crash is to prove that another driver violated a rule of the road and caused a crash. Examples include running a red light or not yielding when required in an intersection. If a traffic court convicts a driver for these violations, a civil court can then presume a driver’s fault using the concept of negligence per se.

Liability Due to Carelessness

Other cases cannot rely on a police officer’s issuance of a ticket to show fault. Nevertheless, every collision is someone’s fault, and a legal representative could gather evidence such as police reports, dashcam footage, and witness statements to build powerful cases against other drivers.

Regardless of the strategy a person chooses to pursue their case, there is a strict time limit following a collision to demand payment. Ohio Revised Code §2305.10 sets this time limit at two years for most people. Talking with a lawyer in Lakewood now allows them to start a side-impact auto crash claim immediately.

An Attorney is Ready to Help Following Side-Impact Car Accidents in Lakewood

Side-impact car accidents in Lakewood can come with many consequences. They could result in severe physical injuries that require extensive medical care. A collision could also cause you to lose significant income or major changes to your daily routine.

An attorney is here to listen to your concerns and fight to protect your legal rights after a crash. Whether the side impact was the result of a T-bone, a sideswipe, or any other incident involving damage to the side of your vehicle, Tittle & Perlmuter is ready to pursue your case for its total value. Reach out to our lawyers now to get started.

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