Medical Malpractice

  • What is Medical Malpractice? +-

  • When Should I File a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit? +-

  • How do I Prove That I Have a Medical Malpractice Case? +-

  • How Do I Choose the Best Medical Malpractice Lawyer?+-

  • What is the Difference between Medical Malpractice and Medical Negligence? +-

  • What is the Statue of Limitations for Medical Malpractice Claims in Ohio? +-

  • What Are Ohio's Medical Malpractice Occurrence Statistics?+-

  • What Happens If I Am the Victim of a Surgical Error? +-

  • What Are Examples of Medication or Prescription Errors? +-

  • What is Sepsis? +-

  • What Are Examples Of Misdiagnosis? +-

  • Should I File a Class Action Lawsuit Against University Hospitals For Fertility Negligence? +-

  • What is Physician Negligence? +-

  • What is Nursing Malpractice? +-

  • What is Anesthesia Malpractice? +-

Nursing Home Abuse

  • What is the Best Way To Pick a Nursing Home? +-

  • What Do I Do if a Loved One has been Raped in a Nursing Home? +-

  • What Should I Do if my Loved one has Wandered or Eloped from a Nursing Home? +-

  • What are the Signs of Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect? +-

  • Are Pressure Sores a Sign of Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect? +-

Wage and Hour Law

  • What are the Most Common Industries that Violate Wage & Hour Laws? +-

  • What Deductions can my Employer Legally Take Out of my Salary? +-

  • Am I Getting Paid Fairly at my Job? +-

  • Do Salary Employees Qualify for Overtime? +-

  • If I am On-Call, Should I Still be Compensated the Same? +-

  • How do I Begin my Long Term Disability Benefits through my Employer? +-

  • What is an Improper Tip Pooling? +-

  • Are Commissioned Employees Entitled to Minimum Wages & Overtime Pay? +-

  • Can My Boss Make Me Work Off the Clock? +-

Motor Vehicle Accidents

  • What Do I Do After a Car Accident? +-

  • What is Considered a Spinal Cord Injury? +-

  • What are Traumatic Brain Injuries? +-

  • Do Pedestrians Have the Right of Way in a Crosswalk? +-

  • What Do I Do after a Semi-Truck Accident? +-

  • What Can I Do After A Vehicle Hits Me on My Bicycle? +-

General Law Questions

  • Why Should You Hire Tittle & Perlmuter?+-

  • What Is Written Discovery?+-

  • What Is Mediation?+-

  • What is A Yo-Yo Scam?+-

  • What is a Deposition?+-

  • I was in a car accident. The insurance company only offered $2,500 to settle my car case. Attorney Allen Tittle took the matter to trial, and after four days, obtained a jury verdict of $75,000 which is 30 times more than what I was offered. He fights for his clients and obtains justice. I would highly recommend him.
  • Allen was professional, conscientious and well organized. Allen's research of my case produced results in which he was able to obtain a copy of a video from the grocery store and subpoenaed a witness that substantiated my claim and proved that I was in fact struck by the vehicle and injured, which he presented in the deposition. This resulted in a successful settlement in my favor
  • What I liked best about Tittle & Perlmuter was the prompt return of phone calls, always knowing when paperwork had been sent, and knowing I could call anytime and get my questions answered.