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Yo-Yo Scams Lawyers

Our firm was formed to protect the people from the powerful – protecting consumers from illegal scams is part of that goal. A yo-yo scams lawyer at our firm has a deep expertise, unbridled passion, and history of success necessary to fight these cases. One of our seasoned consumer protection attorneys can help you fight to win your case against fraudulent companies.

Spotting Delivery or Yo-Yo Scams

Buying a car can be a nerve-racking experience – you want to make sure you are paying a fair price for a car that is in good working order. The last thing on a consumer’s mind is whether the salesperson is trying to swindle them by using a spot delivery or yo-yo scam.

The scam usually works like this:

You pick out the car you want, sign some paperwork, perhaps give a down payment or a trade-in, and drive off the sales lot thinking you are the proud owner of a new vehicle. In other words, you received the new car immediately.

A few days or weeks later, you get a call from the dealer, who tells you that there was something wrong with your credit, and you need to come in immediately to sign additional paperwork. Once you come into the dealership, the salesperson tells you that your financing fell through for some reason, and you have to do any of the following things:

yo-yo scams

If you refuse to agree to the new “deal,” the dealer may tell you that you do not have a right to keep the car, threaten to repossess it, threaten to call the police and report the car as stolen, or have you come back to the dealership and make you wait for hours to wear you down. Even worse, if you say you would prefer to get your trade-in back, he or she will tell you that it has already been sold. In other words, the dealer forces and coerces you to agree to the new deal.

Signs a Car Dealership is Partaking in an Illegal Yo-Yo Scam

By contrast, an independent contractor has more freedom. Independent contractors work when they wish and are responsible for obtaining their tools, but may still need to adhere to deadlines or quality control standards.

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Call a Yo-Yo Scams Lawyer for Guidance

If you or a loved one has fallen victim to a spot delivery or yo-yo financing scam, give Tittle & Perlmuter a call. An experienced yo-yo scams lawyer has the knowledge and experience to fight for your rights. With offices in Cleveland and throughout Ohio, our team can prosecute these claims. For a free claim evaluation and consultation, call us now or fill out our online contact form. We will respond promptly. We can arrange evening and weekend appointments, and we can come to you.