The law provides employees the right to be fairly compensated for their work. Sadly, some employers take advantage of their workers and neglect to provide them with proper compensation. Employees often fail to receive overtime wages, minimum wage, and other forms of compensation to which they are entitled.

Fortunately, if you are a victim of wage theft, an experienced wage and hour attorney can help you recover the income you earned. Call a Chardon wage theft lawyer today to learn more about your legal rights and options.

Illegal Calculations of Wages in Ohio

Employers have the right to deduct wages in certain circumstances. If an employee causes certain losses or requires a uniform or other equipment, it can come out of the employee’s wages. However, employers cannot use wage deductions as a way to punish an employee for violating a workplace policy.

Employers also must round work in increments of fifteen minutes. Some employers will illegally round down when they should be rounding up, and in some cases, employers may also miscalculate time by deducting pay during work breaks.

If the employer provides breaks under twenty minutes long, the worker should recover wages for that time. Sometimes, wage theft will involve employers requiring their workers to continue to perform their job even after they are no longer on the clock. Employees in these circumstances should speak to a Chardon wage theft attorney about their legal options for recovering compensation from their employer.

Misclassifying an Employee or Failing to Pay Overtime

Employers may violate their employees’ rights by misclassifying the employees as independent contractors. Independent contractors do not enjoy the same rights as employees, and employers may save money by referring to a person as an independent contractor rather than as an employee. However, the law details when a worker is an independent contractor versus an employee, and such designations are not always the employer’s decision.

Employers may also misclassify an employee as someone who is not eligible to recover overtime pay. The law dictates that employers must compensate employees at a rate of time and a half for any overtime hours. Certain workers do not qualify for overtime pay.

If an employer misclassifies an employee, the result can be that the employee loses out on the income to which he or she is entitled. A Chardon wage theft attorney can help these employees assert their rights and recover compensation from their employers.

Laws that Protect Workers

The Fair Labor Standards Act establishes the federal minimum wage and overtime pay rates for many workers in the United States. Not every job qualifies for this protection, however. In Ohio, the state minimum wage law sets a higher rate than the federal standard.

The United States Department of Labor and Ohio’s Department of Commerce’s Division of Labor and Work Safety has the authority to enforce wage-related laws. Employees who suffer from wage theft can contact a skilled Chardon lawyer who can litigate their cases against the company that denied them proper wages.

If a worker hires an attorney to represent him or her, the individual may be eligible to recover unpaid wages, as well as court fees and attorney’s costs. Individuals in these types of situations should promptly contact a lawyer, as there is a three-year time limit on filing claims.

Contact a Skilled Chardon Wage Theft Attorney Today

Employers sometimes commit multiple violations that will add up to large sums of unpaid income. These unlawful practices have adverse effects on workers and their families. You have the right to protect yourself and take action against the company that is not paying you what you earned.

If your employer committed wage theft, you have legal rights. Do not hesitate to call a Chardon wage theft attorney at Tittle & Perlmuter to learn more about your options.

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