Many medical procedures rely on the proper application of local anesthesia for the patient’s comfort. Others place patients into an unconscious state to allow for invasive surgeries that would otherwise be impossible. In any scenario, the doctors and nurses administering these medications need to evaluate a patient’s needs, keep an eye on their vital signs, and have contingency plans in case of an emergency.

Unfortunately, mistakes involving anesthesia are common in hospitals and doctor offices. The misapplication of these substances can result in severe injuries or even death. A Chardon anesthesia errors lawyer could help determine whether these errors amounted to medical malpractice. If so, the experienced attorneys at Tittle & Perlmuter are ready to pursue a case for the compensation you deserve.

Malpractice Involving Anesthesia

All medical providers have an obligation under the law to practice their craft with a certain level of competence. In short, this means they must provide care to patients that a reasonably skilled peer would provide under similar circumstances. This does not mean that a negative outcome for a patient is automatically an example of malpractice. Instead, an affected patient and their attorney must be able to prove that an anesthesia error injury resulted from a provider failing to provide an appropriate level of care.

As applied to cases involving anesthesia, this may include doctors who:

  • Fail to use the correct dosage, resulting in a patient waking up during a procedure or feeling unnecessary pain
  • Overdose a patient, necessitating emergency wake-up processes
  • Fail to properly monitor a patient while unconscious
  • Do not check a patient’s records for known allergies or medication interactions

Medical malpractice cases involving anesthesia may raise complex legal questions. However, Ohio Revised Code § 2305.113 may only give patients one year after an injury to demand compensation. It is best to reach out to a Chardon anesthesia errors attorney as soon as possible to preserve one’s rights.

Proving an Anesthesia Error in a Chardon Medical Malpractice Case

Cases that question the actions of medical providers require knowledge about the practice of medicine. While it may appear apparent to a victim that an anesthesia error has occurred, only qualified experts with knowledge of medicine can speak to these questions at trial. As such, a vital part of any medical malpractice case is hiring an expert.

These experts evaluate doctors’ actions by examining medical records, researching the procedure in question, and providing their opinions on how a defendant failed to provide adequate care. These expert reports are necessary for answering the question of whether medical malpractice occurred. It is also impossible to bring a case to court without the help of these witnesses. An experienced lawyer at our firm could help locate and hire the necessary experts for an anesthesia mistake case.

Speak with a Chardon Anesthesia Errors Attorney Today

Anesthesia errors can cause severe injuries that impact your physical health, ability to enjoy life, and capacity to earn a living. Whenever a doctor, nurse, or dentist uses anesthesia, they must be sure to check for possible adverse effects, ensure the correct dosage, and constantly monitor the patient. Sadly, errors during each stage are common and may indicate medical malpractice.

If you were a victim of this type of malpractice, a Chardon anesthesia mistake lawyer could provide essential support. The team at Tittle & Perlmuter could perform a free initial case evaluation to determine if your case has merit. If so, we could work to locate and hire the experts needed to prove your case during settlement talks and trials. Reach out to us now to discuss your situation.

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