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Overtime pay is calculated on a workweek-by-workweek basis, this tool serves the purpose of helping you determine your correct overtime rate of pay for a given workweek. Answer these questions about your job duties, rate, types of pay, and hours worked to figure out what you’re owed for this week!

overtime calculator
Overtime pay laws are sometimes tricky to keep up with as they apply on a workweek-by-workweek basis. If your weekly earnings differ, your overtime rate may also vary. We’ve provided the below Overtime Pay Calculator as a tool to help you figure out what your correct overtime rate should be for a given workweek.
Is your basic rate of pay:
Are you a salesperson whose primary job duty is making sales at their customers’ locations - not over the phone or internet?
What is your salary per year?
Is the salary supposed to cover 40 hours per week or some other amount
Can your salary be docked any reason other than
  • absence for personal reasons (not including sickness or disability)
  • absences due to sickness or disability, but your company has a policy to providing compensation for salary lost on sick days
  • to offset amounts you receive as jury or witness fees, or for military pay
  • for violations of company safety or workplace conduct rules
Do you have management responsibilities, including supervision of two or more full-time employees?
Do you hire and fire employees, or have responsibility for creating company policy?
Are you in a field where your job requires advanced schooling or academic training?
Did you earn more than one hourly rate this week?
What is your hourly rate?
How many hours did you work this week?
What were the rates? How many hours did you work at each?
What is the total you were paid for work performed this week, including any amount that you receive for waiting or call time
How many hours did you work this week?
Did you receive any performance/attendance bonuses, extra pay for waiting or call time, commissions, per diems, or stipends for work performed during this week?
What is the total amount received this week?
Are you a computer systems analyst, a computer programmer, or a software engineer?
This is the rate that you should’ve been paid per hour for all time worked over 40 hours this workweek
You may not be entitled to overtime pay, but please call our office to discuss any questions that you have about your job with one of our overtime pay lawyers.
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