Tittle & Perlmuter Attorney Allen Tittle Featured in Huffington Post Article

Allen Tittle Featured in Huffington Post Article

Tittle & Perlmuter attorney Allen Tittle was featured in a recent article on Huffington Post about the passion and purpose of attorneys and medical professionals. Huffington Post has published a series of interviews with lawyers and doctors by Stephan E. Raymond, a contributor to the site.
Medical Malpractice attorney, Allen Tittle, was quoted on the reason he became a lawyer and why he enjoys his job:

What made you decide to become an attorney?

“I knew I wanted to become an attorney in eighth grade. In my social studies class, my teacher carried out a mock trial, where I was chosen as the attorney. The first case we did was a case by the name of Plessy vs. Ferguson, which is a famous civil rights case. The teacher unwisely put me on the side of what was supposed to be the losing side. I was able to convince the class, because of the role I was playing, that the separate but equal doctrine (meaning races of people should be separated) should still be in play today. Needless to say, the teacher wasn’t too happy that’s how the “jury” of the class decided.
The second time around, we did another famous civil rights case by the name of Brown vs. The Board of Education, which was the case that, in actual history, reversed the case of Plessy vs. Ferguson. I then was able to convince the class to change course, and we shouldn’t have the separate but equal doctrine. At that point I realized that being an attorney, specifically a trial lawyer, held a great responsibility and power. You have the ability to fight for certain positions or people and really make a real difference in the world. I became a lawyer with an idealistic thought that I could make a real difference in people’s lives. I’m happy to say that everyday I come to work, I’m able to do that because of the law that I practice.”

How long have you been practicing?

“I’ve been practicing since 2010. I opened my own law firm, Tittle & Perlmuter, in 2015. The firm focuses on medical malpractice (such as brain and spinal cord injuries), nursing home abuse, and wage & hour claims.”

What do you love most about being an attorney?

“What I love the most about being an attorney is that, again, I get to help people and in a real way. For example, I have a case right now where a woman was hit by a semi-truck and suffered a brain injury. She’s no longer able to work. She’s in her forties and has a child. I’m able to fight for her and hopefully be able to get some type of compensation that will allow her life to go on despite this serious crash and this serious injury. That’s important. Otherwise her and her family may be homeless, in the poor house, without food. Not many people can say that in what they do for a living.”

Describe a memorable story of a client? What was so memorable about this client?

“The most memorable story of a client that I have, is really the first client that I had when I started my law firm, by the name of Peggy. Peggy lost her daughter as a result of medical malpractice. Peggy came to me in shambles. This was her only daughter; this was the center of her life. We were able to prosecute her claim and show that the doctor was negligent and obtain a sizable result for Peggy. And while that didn’t bring her daughter back, it gave her closure. She knew that she did everything in her power, not only to fight for her daughter while she was alive, but also after she passed.”

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