Passengers Cafe: Ohio City Coffee for Locals and Travelers

Ohio City Local Find: Passengers Cafe

Passengers Cafe Photo Courtesy of: Passengers Cafe Instagram

Need a good cup of coffee? Need a space that caters to both locals and travelers? Passengers Cafe, located in Cleveland’s Ohio City neighborhood, is just the place. Passengers Cafe is a travel themed coffee shop located in the lobby of The Cleveland Hostel right down the street from the West Side Market (and our Cleveland office)!

In 2015, Trey Kirchoff met Mark Raymond, owner of The Cleveland Hostel, who was interested in having an amenity in the hostel. The two partnered up and Passengers Cafe was born. Trey’s goal was to open up a coffee shop that reflected something unique about the neighborhood. For Ohio City, the unique element came from the influx of travelers passing through while staying at the hostel. “People have this unique opportunity to run into travelers from all over the world,” says Trey, owner/operator of Passengers Cafe. “And then those travelers get a really great Cleveland cultural experience.”

Passengers Cafe has the basics: great coffee and bagels. When asked about a favorite menu item, Trey cannot say enough about the Meximocha – a classic spicy mocha on the seasonal beverages menu. The spice for the mocha is made from peppers that are grown locally. “It is far and away our most popular of our seasonal beverage menu,” he says.

Ohio’s Coffee Community

Trey explains that the city is lucky to have so many exceptional micro roasters and retailers. “Cleveland has so many people who are capable and qualified, and on top of that are the type of people you want to go hang out with,” he says. “We have a specialty coffee scene that is on par with any other major city.”

Next time you’re in Cleveland and close to Ohio City, stop by the café and grab a cup of coffee. In the summer, you can even enjoy your coffee on their rooftop seating area – one of the best views of downtown Cleveland!

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