Ohio City Shop Finds Inspiration from Backgrounds, Travels, and Customers

Local Find: Mason’s Creamery

Come Over All the Time for Ice Cream

mason's creameryThe inviting environment of Mason’s Creamery starts with their painted message of “Come Over All The Time,” featured on the outside of the establishment. The intimate atmosphere continues inside, featuring the friendliest staff and a tantalizing amount of unique ice cream flavors.

How They Create Innovative Flavors

The people behind the innovative creations are Jesse Mason and Helen Qin. The two moved to Cleveland in 2013, and a few years ago Jesse bought Helen an ice cream maker for her birthday.

Jesse started making ice cream for fun, but the affordability and support of the Cleveland community inspired the two to start an ice cream business. Now they’re whipping up tasty ice cream ideas, such as Vanilla Lavender, Rising Star Coffee, and Sriracha Sauce. Flavors change weekly, but each batch is made from scratch at the shop.

The inspiration for the flavors come from Jesse and Helen’s backgrounds, travels and customers. “Our customers also come up with a lot of suggestions, and will even bring ingredients for us to make into ice cream,” says Helen and Jesse.

The Vehicle for Your Ice Cream

The fun doesn’t stop at the flavors. You can choose from enjoying your frozen dessert on egg waffles, or sandwiching your favorite flavor between macarons, chocolate chip cookies, or churros. In addition, you can check out their monthly Ramen pop up shops they hold each month during the winter.

Mason’s Creamery often collaborates with other local businesses, such as Brewnuts or Philomena Bake Shop to bring new dessert experiences to the neighborhood. “It’s been an honor to work with so many small businesses in similar stages – each business has an appreciation and love for what they do,” says Helen and Jesse. “Ohio City is one of the most communal and supportive places we’ve ever lived.”

Now go grab a unique scoop of ice cream and come over all the time to Mason’s Creamery.

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