Jury Returns $3 Million Verdict to Paralyzed Man

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    Colorado Jury Returns $3 Million Verdict to Permanently Paralyzed Man

    According to the Denver Post, a jury returned a verdict of $3 Million to a Colorado man who became permanently paralyzed after medical staff failed to recognize a serious spinal injury.
    On February 11, 2016, 63-year old Samuel Chifalo went to the emergency room at Pueblo’s Parkview Medical Center for treatment following a fall in which he struck his face.
    After emergency room staff claimed to treat Chifalo and found no additional injuries, he was discharged from the facility.
    Just one day later, Chifalo returned to the emergency room with no mobility in his legs.
    If Chifalo’s injury would have been treated promptly with neurosurgery, doctor’s say his spinal injury could have been reversed. However, Chifalo was released from the hospital without a diagnosis, leading to his paralysis.
    The trial against Parkview Medical Center lasted nine days as attorney’s argued that the emergency department staff should have recognized “the severe weakness and lack of motion in Mr. Chifalo’s arms and legs.” Chifalo’s attorney’s claimed that the nursing staff failed to transmit information from the paramedics, allowing him to be prematurely discharged.
    The jury agreed with Chifalo and his attorney’s and awarded him nearly $3 Million in damages. Although this money will help with medical bills, equipment, and care, Chifalo will never be able to walk again.
    Hospital Negligence can have many negative effects on a patient. Oftentimes, this type of negligence can cause a victim to have their medical condition worsen or develop into a new condition that requires additional medical treatment.
    Common examples of emergency room errors and hospital negligence:

    • Failure or delay in diagnosing a stroke or heart attack;
    • Misdiagnosis of a medical condition;
    • Errors in prescribing or administering medication;
    • Failure to perform or properly interpret diagnostic tests, such as a CT scan or an MRI; or
    • Failure to timely treat a serious medical condition.

    If you or a loved one has fallen victim to a form of medical malpractice including hospital negligence, physician negligence, or nursing negligence, fill out a contact form online or call 216-285-9991 for a free consultation with an expert Cleveland Medical Malpractice Lawyer.

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