Since 2017, Tittle & Perlmuter has been a proud resident of Ohio City! Locally sourced food, great coffee shops, and an involved community make Ohio City a great place to live and work.

Ohio City History

One of the oldest cities in Cleveland, Ohio City became independent on March 3, 1836. The population grew quickly in the late 1800’s, attracting more than 4,000 residents by 1850. By 1912, the city realized the need for a marketplace in the community and constructed one of the most famous and historic Cleveland landmarks, the West Side Market. To this day, it’s one of the most visited locations in Cleveland, attracting more than one million visitors every year!
Ever since the West Side Market made its home on West 25th Street in the early 1900’s, the surrounding area has been considered the hub and center of Ohio City. Neighboring the market are dozens of restaurants, small businesses, and especially craft breweries- Ohio City is home to the largest concentration of craft breweries in the city of Cleveland and is highly regarded in both the city and state for its innovation and creativity in the industry.
Some of the most notable people to walk the streets of Ohio City include James A. Garfield, an Ohio congressman who went on to become the 20th president of the United States, John Heisman, inspiration behind the Heisman Trophy award in college football, and ironically, Elliot Ness, a famous American prohibition agent!
Source: http://www.ohiocity.org/history 

Things to Do in Ohio City

Although Ohio City is home to less than 10,000 people, it represents people from over 15 different ethnic groups and allows the community to be exposed to shops and restaurants with influences from around the world. Between the dozens of cafes, restaurants, bars, and small businesses, there’s something for everyone!
West Side Market

1. West Side Market

The iconic West Side Market has been featured on dozens of shows including programs on the Food Network and the Travel Channel. It’s a MUST see when visiting Ohio City! Featuring over 100 vendors selling a variety of different items such as locally grown produce, fresh meat, homemade spices, and so much more, everyone will find something they like.

2. Great Lakes Brewery

Great Lakes Brewery is one of the most famous breweries in Ohio and manufactures their beer to be sold around the country. Opened in 1986, brothers Patrick and Daniel Conway aimed to bring the European-style beers they loved so much back to their hometown of Cleveland. Fast forward to present day and Great Lakes has 165 different beers in rotating production including 14 seasonal beers and 7 flagship beers available year round in stores and in the pub.

3. Franklin Castle

One of the oldest and largest houses in Ohio City, Franklin Castle was built in 1881 and has four stories and more than 20 rooms. The Castle is included in the National Register of Historic Places and includes a ballroom, servants quarters, and 80 windows featured throughout. Franklin Castle is rumored to be one of the most haunted places in Cleveland due to the frequency of deaths and fires in the last 130 years. Supposed ghost sightings and organized exorcisms has led the castle to be featured on shows like Paranormal Lockdown on TLC. 

4. Mason’s Creamery

Jesse Mason and Helen Qin decided to move away from the fast paced life of Los Angeles to open the store of their dreams in mason's creameryJesse’s hometown. Their dedication to fresh ingredients and unique flavors makes Mason’s Creamery a go-to spot to treat a sweet tooth, especially in the summer months. With flavors like Cleveland Whisky and Vietnamese Coffee, and vegan flavors such as Vanilla with Sweet Sriracha Sauce, everyone is bound to find something they like. Read our full blog post on Mason’s Creamery here!

5. Ohio City Farm

Sitting at over six acres, Ohio City Farm is one of the largest urban farms in the United States. By providing fresh, local food to the Cleveland community, the farm boosts the local food economy, educates the community, and provides underserved residents the opportunity to live a healthy lifestyle. The farm allows all members of the community to walk through their facilities between June and November  and get an incredible view of downtown Cleveland.

6. Tabletop Board Game Cafe

Tabletop Board Game Cafe is credited with being the first board game cafe in Cleveland. A small $5 fee gets you access to hundreds of games in their library and allows you to spend all day strategizing against your opponents while drinking local craft beer and eating fresh sandwiches and paninis. 

7. Townhall

TownHall  has been featured in dozens of publications and media outlets including the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, NPR, NBC, and many more. Why? Because they’re leading the charge against GMOs and harmful toxins in both Northeast Ohio and around the country. They provide menu items consisting of healthy, wholesome ingredients while keeping the taste and appeal of the food we all love and enjoy. They diffuse lavender throughout the restaurant and even have a vegan night once a week! Try out their zero-toxin coffee or one of their fresh pressed juices to fuel your body with nutrients and energy!

8. Cleveland Cycle Tours

Cleveland Cycle Tours is the city’s only 15-person bike tour that allows you to visit multiple different breweries and local bars in the neighborhood. Their Ohio City route option takes you to the famous “Cleveland Sign”, passes by the West Side Market for a quick glance, and then heads to two of the best micro-breweries in Cleveland. Although they offer individual tickets, they also sponsor corporate team building outings, private tours, or cater to families looking to see the city in a different, unique way.

9. Shop Local!

There are dozens of local retailers in Ohio City including Xhibition, opened by Robert Rosenthal in 2014. Rosenthal noticed a gap in the Cleveland market for high-end men’s apparel stores and wanted to provide a “gallery experience” for young, fashion-forward men like himself. Another unique Ohio City retailer is Wild Cactus Boutique, started by Leann DiPaola in 2017. Throughout her years, Lauren traveled the world and sourced inspiration for her store from places like California and Arizona. There you’ll find a mix of vintage and bohemian-style pieces with a “laid back” vibe and friendly faces to help your wardrobe.

10. Visit a Cafe

Passengers Cafe

Passenger’s Cafe

Cleveland Tea Revival, Rising Star Coffee Roasters, and Passenger’s Cafe are just a few of the many cafes located in Ohio City. There are currently 11 different cafes in the small, 5-mile radius and each one provides a unique customer experience. Cleveland Tea Revival is Northeast Ohio’s premier tea and kombucha making experts, even offering classes to the community. Rising Star Coffee Roasters lives by their philosophy of, “Buy dang good coffee and pay the farmer and the producer enough money to live and maybe even enjoy life. That’s it.” By supporting local farmers and supporting coffee bean producers around the world, they specialize in “Relationship Coffee” and roast their beans in the way the farmers would want them to. Especially unique is Passenger’s Cafe, located in the Cleveland Hostel on West 25th St. Local bagels, specialty lattes, and a rooftop view are all included in the experience which make it one of the most picture-perfect cafes in the city. Read our full blog post about Passenger’s cafe here!

ohio city incorporatedWith so many things to see and do, Tittle & Perlmuter is proud to be a member of the Ohio City community! By continuing to be involved with Ohio City Inc., and by volunteering, sponsoring, and supporting businesses in the community, we hope to create a lifelong relationship with this incredible city.

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