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With so many prescription drugs being prescribed today, it is vital that the doctors prescribing them do so accurately. Patients rely on doctors to write prescriptions for the correct medicines at the correct dosages. Medication or prescription errors can be extremely serious.

Pharmacists also play an essential role in a patient’s health when filling prescriptions. Once a doctor writes a prescription, patients then rely on pharmacists to accurately fill it and ensure that there are no harmful reactions that could occur between multiple prescription drugs given to a patient. Both doctors and pharmacists must be careful to avoid serious mistakes.

Errors that occur when doctors prescribe medication, as well as errors that occur when pharmacists fill prescriptions, can result in serious injury or death. Almost always, these costly mistakes could have been avoided and are a result of medical or pharmaceutical negligence.

Common Pharmaceutical Errors

Common pharmacy errors include:

  • Physician writing a prescription for the wrong medication or dosage
  • Pharmacist incorrectly filling a prescription order
  • Pharmacy incorrectly labeling a prescription
  • Pharmacist failure to advise or warn of potentially dangerous drug side-effects or drug interactions
  • Failure to take adequate history of current medications
  • Physician writing prescriptions for narcotics that result in the patient’s overdose

To protect yourself from medication and pharmaceutical mistakes consider the following:

  • Write down the name and dosage of any drug prescribed by your physician
  • Double check the label and dosage when you pick up prescriptions at any pharmacy
  • If you are refilling a prescription, look at the drug prior to consumption to ensure that it matches your previous prescription
  • Ask the pharmacist any questions you may have about prescription drug side-effects or drug interactions

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