Cleveland Police Misconduct & Jail Death Lawyers

Police Misconduct & Jail Death Lawsuits in Cleveland

Law enforcement has an incredibly difficult job, not just in Cleveland, but all across the globe. They put their lives on the line for our safety on a daily basis. Law enforcement officers, including police and correction officers, have a great deal of power over the communities they protect and jails they patrol. However, there are times this power is abused and citizens are harmed – this is when Tittle & Perlmuter can help.

The experience of the lawyers at Tittle & Perlmuter in police misconduct and jail death lawsuits helps innocent victims of police misconduct and brutality to pursue justice and compensation.

Common Types of Police Misconduct Cases that Tittle & Perlmuter Handles

If Tittle & Perlmuter agrees to take on a case, our police misconduct and jail death attorneys will investigate and, when warranted, aggressively pursue and prosecute a variety of these types of claims. At Tittle & Perlmuter, we handle the following types of police misconduct cases:

  • Jail Death
  • Deliberate indifference of medical needs
  • Excessive force
  • Unnecessary physical violence
  • Unnecessary and degrading strip searches
  • Sexual assault

Because of their past experience, our lawyers recognize that these behaviors are relatively rare. However, one case of police brutality or misconduct resulting in a death in jail is one too many.

Jail Death Lawyer

If you or a loved are a victim of police misconduct, Tittle & Perlmuter recommends you do the following:

  • Document everything, especially your injuries. Take photos, and if plausible, video.
  • Seek medical attention immediately
  • Obtain the names and contact information of any witnesses at the scene
  • Speak to our police misconduct attorneys as soon as possible.

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