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When Do You Need a Product Liability Lawyer?

Big businesses earn profit by cutting corners in the design and manufacture of their products. Consumers often pay the price when such defective products cause serious injury and even death. If a consumer product you purchased and used caused injury, it may be a good idea to speak with a qualified Ohio product liability lawyer. He or she can review your case and help you decide whether to seek compensation from the manufacturer or other responsible parties.consumer protection attorney

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Taxotere Chemotherapy Drug Investigation – Women Left With Permanent Hair Loss

Tittle & Perlmuter is investigating Taxotere litigation claims all Across Ohio, including the greater Cleveland area

Temporary hair loss is a well-known side effect of chemotherapy treatment. However, thousands of women who were treated with Taxotere, a chemotherapy drug commonly prescribed to treat breast cancer, have been left with permanent hair loss, even years after finishing treatment. These brave cancer survivors are constantly reminded of their battle with cancer every time they look in the mirror, which can be devastating emotionally.

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Endoscope Recalled Due to Increased Infection Risk

On January 15, 2016, medical device manufacturer Olympus America announced a voluntary recall of its TJF-Q180V duodenoscope so it can be modified to reduce the risk of spreading bacterial infections.

Duodenoscopes are flexible, lighted tubes passed through the mouth and stomach into the top of the small intestine, which are used as a less invasive way than traditional surgery for various gastrointestinal conditions. While these devices play an important role in the treatment of patients, there is evidence that some have been associated with the transmission of infectious agents, including antibiotic-resistant infections.
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